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Window Garden - Lofi Idle Game

Tamagotchi but Plants!

Grow plants in a cozy cottage.

Healing game for Plantito/Plantita.


Window Garden is a cozy game that allows you to create and decorate your own virtual indoor garden. With aesthetic cottagecore and wholesome gameplay, learn how to grow plants, succulents, fruits, and vegetables, mirroring realistic gardening experiences.

Set the sleep timer and take in the peaceful decoration of your virtual garden while you listen to calming sounds for sleep, work, or study.

Window Garden is the perfect healing game for plant lovers, and, well, for those who need a digital green thumb instead! We've got you covered.

  • Grow and discover new plants.
  • Relax with chill lofi music.
  • Decorate and unlock new rooms.
  • Complete missions and collect all gems.
  • Play mini-games.
  • Collect butterflies, birds, and more.
  • Celebrate monthly season.


Window Garden - Lofi Idle Game is Camilla's first commercial game title. Amidst the pandemic, she found inspiration in her mother's indoor garden, which blossomed the idea for Window Garden. Camilla started learning game development in December 2020 and made the decision to leave her day job and work on Window Garden full-time by March 2021. She released the Window Garden Beta on Google Play in October 2021 and finally launched Window Garden v1.0.0 on both Google Play and the App Store in February 2024.

Camilla's goal is to design games that are relaxing to play and rewarding to create.





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Developer / Publisher

Camilla Santiago / CLOVER-FI Games


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